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We start with an open discussion around your personal situation and how a likely event would financially impact you, your family or business  


Our needs based approach to insurance advice will help you identify the financial risks you face.Once your risks are identified we provide expert advice on how best to cover the risk through insurance. We believe this approach ensures your personal insurance portfolio remains consistent with your needs and provides the most appropriate financial protection for when you need it most.


We also take the time to carefully consider your policy structure and apply strategies designed to optimize tax benefits and take into account estate planning needs.


We are there when you need us most


There may come a time when you or your family needs to call on the benefits of insurance. We understand this can be a very stressful time and one you shouldn’t go through alone. We are dedicated to assisting you with the preparation of your claim and provide ongoing support and adviser representation throughout the process.


We believe our approach and attention to detail sets us apart from many alternative avenues to personal insurance.  


We provide advice on all aspects of personal insurance including:


  • Life Insurance

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

  • Trauma/Critical Illness

  • Child Cover

  • Income Protection and Business Expenses Insurance

  • Business Insurance (Key Person and Buy/Sell)

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