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Your Journey

Your journey with JPS Financial Services is all about planning your clear consolidated path to financial success.


We are focused on ensuring your financial protection, savings, investments and superannuation work collectively towards achieving your goals. We are there with you all the way. We help you remain on track and ensure you and your family have the right level of financial protection to guard against unforseen future risks.  


Preparing For Your Journey


Before embarking on your financial journey it is essential your financial matters are in order and prepared for the road ahead. It is important we firstly establish a thorough understanding of your current position. This is known as your base line position. This provides us with a greater understanding of where your current position will see you into the future as well as highlighting any over or under insurance position.  


We gather a complete picture of your current financial position.


We work with you on establishing a sustainable budget.


We completely review your insurance position.


We completely review your current superannuation position.


Where required we will refer you to our expert team of finance specialists to review your mortgage and other finance matters.



Your Destination, Our Aims

Once we have established your financial position we work with on the road ahead.


We will ensure you and your family have a clear consolidated insurance portfolio to guard against any unforseen risks.


Your insurance portfolio will focus on your needs with the aim of reducing costs and maximizing tax benefits available.


We will work with you on establishing savings within your budget and redirect these savings to build future wealth.


We will set short and long-term financial goals by ensuring your savings, investments and superannuation are working towards achieving them.


Your insurance, savings, investments and super will be consolidated into a clear plan designed to keep you on track and provide the right financial protection throughout your journey.  


Staying on Track


We believe strongly in long term relationships to ensure we see you through your journey and make sure we’re there when you need us most.



At JPS Financial Services we are committed to ensuring your business with us remains relevant to your changing circumstances and financial needs. In light of this we offer a review of your situation under our ‘Managed Review’ program The review program is designed to efficiently manage any necessary changes to your portfolio of insurance and to ensure your superannuation or investments are on track to meeting your goals. The various service packages available are discussed during our initial meeting.


We are there for you to discuss changes to your circumstances and make the necessary adjustments to your plan as they arise.


We have the tools in place to regularly report to you on the progress of your plan and to ensure you are on track to achieving your goals. 


We provide an insurance claims handling service designed to help you navigate through the necessary paperwork and to provide adviser support and representation for when you need it most.


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